As we ALL know the “26th August” is an important day, as it was the day our QUEEN Cassie was born! So, just like previous years we are going to be doing a special surprise for Cassie and trend #HappyBirthdayCassie throughout the day! We have a lot to be thankful for especially after getting AMAZING new music from Cassie’s new mixtape #Rockabyebaby + plus new visuals with GREAT features, therefore we want to make this birthday special for her

If you want to share this special day with Cassie please see below for info

1. You can send in a picture with a birthday message or you wearing a Diamond Supply T-Shirt which Cassie did exclusively with them.

2. Alternatively, you can send in a video message wishing Cassie a Happy Birthday, or why not send in a video showcasing your AMAZING vocals and sing a song from her mixtape (This is a song of your choice)

3. Finally you could send in a video of you doing a choreography to one of her songs either from her mixtape or from her 1st album.

4. If, you are unable to do either of these things, you could join us as we trend #HappyBirthdayCassie throughout the day and share videos from #SassieCassieSaturday which are videos which Cassie uploaded to her SassieCassie account on Youtube.

If you want to send us a video or picture please send it to our email: cassiesquad1@yahoo.com by FRIDAY 16TH AUGUST 2013, so we can start creating the video.

Whatever your contribution, we really hope you will join us to celebrate someone who is very special and deserves all the love we show and to show her our appreciation of new music as well as showing her we will always love her and support her…. #HAPPYBIRTHDAYCASSIE

Let’s go #CassieArmy



Now it's me and you.

I think I’m in love 😍

I think I’m in love 😍